Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saving Money 101

We normally save money for the purpose of buying something unnecessary. Technology lures us in wanting unimportant gadgets. As a consequence, we fall into the quarry of commercialism and consumerism the world and times these days has created.

How do we fight this battle of overspending? When do you spend on lavish stuff? And how much do you spend? Is it possible to save money in spite of daily expenses?

Below is my inventory of spending guidelines:

1. Practice the habit of living simply. Buy only what you need. Constantly remind yourself of your financial goals.

2. Avoid sales and bargains. Though one can definitely save a great deal in purchasing during sales, it influence or urges us to get things in excess. Hence, we go overboard our planned budgets. Take caution in buying sale items. Would you rather purchase something that is worth what you have paid for which could last for a long time. Or an item you picked up because of its trendsetting design that could only last for a few months?

3. Stick to your budget. Prioritizing well and managing your personal finances in frugality will go a long way. But quantity does not matter, quality is.

4. Allot a specific amount of your monthly income for your monthly savings. Specifically, 20% of your income or more should be dutifully saved at a bank of your choice. When you think you have set aside a definite sum which you are prepared to invest into business ventures and other financial endeavors is decidedly an entrepreneurial marketer’s trait. When you save, you earn capital to save more, invest and diversify your financial market.

Everyone has their own distinct ways of saving their earnings. It is only a matter of priority in what we need to buy.

Are you a shopaholic? Do you buy wisely? Are you frugal? How do you spend your money? Are you a spend-thrift? Share your own unique way of saving! I would love to know and hear your list.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank You, My Top 10 Consistent Entrecard Droppers

As appreciation for my top 10 consistent Entrecard droppers for almost a month now I'm posting my list here:

Thank you, my dear droppers. Your continuous support by dropping has left an imprint on my blog (as well on my being). As an adage says, "Gratitude is the healthiest of emotions."

Let's give back our appreciation and be grateful to those who have helped us in one way or another.

Extend the good vibes and positive reception. Spread goodwill, love and gratitude!

How do you feel when someone appreciates you? And what do you do when someone thanked you?